The ACLU of Ohio and Sheriff Simon Leis have resolved their dispute regarding the Sheriff patrols in Over the Rhine. Under today’s agreement:

• Monitor Saul Green will review the Sheriff’s use of force policies and training and the parties will have an opportunity to address any ways in which the Sheriff policies are substantially different than the city policies deemed in compliance by the Monitor

• The Sheriff agrees to utilize the CPD mental health response teams as appropriate

• The Sheriff agrees to cooperate with the Citizen’s Complaint Authority when it is investigating Cincinnati police officers

• The City will continue to investigate crimes in OTR and record its arrests and traffic stops

• The ACLU and City will keep the Sheriff advised about CPOP activities in OTR

The parties had debated whether the Sheriff was covered by the Collaborative. They were able to resolve the dispute by discussing what they each would do if the matter were settled rather than focusing on labels. This is a win-win result since the Sheriff’s patrols will continue without interfering with the duties of the parties to the collaborative.