Steve proudly served as spokesperson for the ACLU on a variety of issues, from surveillance cameras to gender identity to free speech. In 2011, he participated in a press conference calling on Toledo City Council to adopt an official policy for citizens who bring signs to council meetings. The press conference followed the arrest of two people who were stopped while attempting to enter council chambers with protest signs.

Steve Miller—a loyal advocate, a fierce activist, and a sincere friend—passed away suddenly over the weekend of June 5, 2015, in his hometown of Toledo. Steve served his country throughout his entire life, from the Vietnam War to being a passionate present-day civil libertarian.

His involvement with the ACLU of Ohio was nothing short of a legacy. Not only did he serve on the ACLU of Ohio’s Board of Directors for seven years, he also served as a leader of the ACLU Northwest Ohio Chapter for decades. His understanding of Toledo and his experience in defending liberty made him a reliable and trustworthy spokesperson for the ACLU’s mission. Time and time again, he stood up on behalf of the ACLU to defend Toledo citizens from hate-driven actions or unconstitutional policies.

But his activism didn’t stop at the ACLU. Miller’s work extended to on-the-ground engagement as a founder and an active member of the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition. Steve Miller embodied the spirit of a champion for liberty. He played a critical role in the non-stop fight for justice, serving as a true inspiration for generations of activists to come.

The main drive behind Steve's selfless advocacy and relentless activism was his desire to be more than just an ally, but to be a friend. There is truly something special to be said about a man who dedicated his life to fighting for justice, on all fronts, for every single individual, regardless of whether or not he knew you personally. Steve Miller lived a life of service—working towards a world that seeks to unite every member of every community so that we all may thrive. But ultimately, he lived a life of friendship.

Steve taught all of us a number of invaluable lessons, one of them being the importance of fully embodying activist leadership. When we revisit his favorite quote by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard…

“The genius speaks with brilliance and charm, the apostle speaks with authority.”

…we can only hope that the memory of his enthusiasm and passion continues to serve as a voice of authority for future battles to come.

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