Our current system of policing is failing us. Across the country, communities of color have historically been and continue to be heavily policed and surveilled. Black Ohioans continue to suffer unjust violence at the hands of the police.

The ACLU of Ohio along with other advocates and activists have called for sweeping police reform for decades. The policies and actions of the police are instrumental in deciding who gets stopped, searched, arrested, and funneled into the criminal justice system; indeed, the United States' overincarceration crisis begins at the front end of the system. While some cities have implemented reform and others are in the process of doing so, we acknowledge that reform is not enough. The underlying problem with policing isn't a lack of training or policies and procedures, it's systemic.

In order to address racism in policing, we need to fundamentally reimagine the role police play in our society. In support of such change, the ACLU of Ohio is working locally across the state to push for a model of policing that ensures transparency, accountability, racial equity, and justice.

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