SB 109 authorizes a number of technical and administrative changes to Ohio’s election law.

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Our Take on This Bill

SB 109 is largely a clean-up and modernization bill that revises election law to reflect advancements in technology and administrative changes in elections.

Bill Status

Passed out of the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee on 5/08/13

Passed the Senate on 5/08/13

Passed out of the House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee on 10/22/13

Passed the House on 11/20/13

Signed by the Governor on 11/26/13


Government Oversight and Reform (S), Policy and Legislative Oversight (H)


Rep. Brown (R), Rep. Burkley (R), Rep. Hayes (R), Rep. McClain (R), Rep. Stebelton (R), Sen. Eklund (R), Sen. Faber (R), Sen. Hite (R), Sen. LaRose (R), Sen. Peterson (R), Speaker Batchelder (R)


Sen. Obhof (R)



Bill number

SB 109