Everyone knows it -- Ohio is a major swing state, often the deciding state in presidential elections. But in every election, our votes have a greater impact on our local communities. This year Ohioans have the opportunity, and obligation, to provide leadership for the entire country on desperately needed reform in our criminal justice electoral systems.

State Ballot Issue Recap

Revisit the 1, 2, 3 of state issues. Do not be misled by language on your ballot. The ACLU urges you to:

Vote yes on Issue 1 to move Ohio toward a redistricting process that allows the people to be heard instead of herded into self-serving legislative districts for politicians.

Vote no on Issue 2 to maintain the ability of the people to get an initiative on the ballot.

Vote yes on Issue 3 to legalize marijuana and stop fueling the failed War on Drugs. Let us begin to dismantle the prison industrial complex that is wreaking havoc on a local and national level.

Put aside your criticisms and skepticism of politics and cast an informed vote for your interests and your issues.

Local Issues Have a Big Impact

Do not underestimate the power of your vote. Cast your vote on local issues. Local races are not as publicized as state issues but do have the most direct impact for your community.

Contact your county’s board of elections to become informed about:

  • Local issues
  • Local candidates
  • Poll worker opportunities
  • Your polling location

Across the Buckeye State from Cleveland to Cincinnati, Toledo to Athens, and everywhere in between, important decisions are made every election. Maintaining and improving our communities means making informed decisions about creating, supporting, and funding quality services. Your vote decides funding for things like:

  • Treatment programs
  • Housing
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Schools
  • Zoos
  • Fire and safety services
  • Highways and bridges
  • And more, depending on your local ballot

The ACLU wants you to understand how important your vote is. Exercising your right to vote is one of the most clear and concise ways to let your voice be heard. Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy, and that foundational block has been eroding. Put aside your criticisms and skepticism of politics and cast an informed vote for your interests and your issues.

The ACLU of Ohio urges Ohioans to vote Yes, No, Yes on state Issues 1, 2 and 3 this election.

Be sure on Election Day, or before by utilizing Ohio’s absentee or early voting options, that you show up and sound off.

For more information about your voting rights and early voting opportunities, visit the ACLU Vote Center.