All legislative districts – the Ohio Senate, Ohio House of Representatives, and U.S. Congress – are redrawn every ten years following the U.S. Census. This process is called “reapportionment” or “redistricting”.

All Ohio districts will be redrawn in 2011 and will go into effect for the 2012 elections.

Congressional districts are redrawn by the Ohio General Assembly. There is no formal deadline in the law for when Congressional redistricting must be completed. However, candidates must submit their paperwork no later than 90 days before the primary election, so that date acts as a practical deadline to complete Congressional redistricting.

Ohio House and Senate districts are redrawn by the Apportionment Board, which is made up of the Governor, Auditor, Secretary of State, one person chosen by the Republican state legislators and one person chosen by the Democratic state legislators. The Apportionment Board must submit their report of proposed new district lines no later than October 5, 2011.