Interested in becoming a poll worker? Would you like community service, extra credit, additional pocket money, or a boost to your college application? If you are…

  • Fair-minded, patient, and ready to help fellow voters;
  • 17 and registered to vote by Election Day; and,
  • In good academic standing

…you can apply! Here's some of what you can expect when you apply…

  • You'll need to register to vote;
  • Get your parents and school officials to sign a permission form; and,
  • Attend a few-hour evening or weekend paid training session.

…and on Election Day…

  • You'll help voters sign in and find their voting locations;
  • Make sure voting machines are working properly;
  • Help enforce the rules that maintain the fairness and security of the day's election; and,
  • Work from 6 a.m. until your polling place finishes tallying votes, after 8 p.m.

Call or email your local board of elections to find out how to apply for this rewarding opportunity. Every county has a different deadline, so make sure your application is in as soon as possible. Being a poll worker is a demanding job, which is why we need capable, patient students like you to rise to the challenge.

You can also download a pdf of the student poll worker card: Be the one to make a difference. Volunteer to be a poll worker.