For many transgender and gender non-conforming people, it can be nerve-wracking to simply go to the doctor’s office because they do not know whether their doctor has ever worked with a transgender person, or if they will be met with intrusive and inappropriate questions and comments.

Additionally, transgender and gender non-conforming individuals often face difficulty accessing medical and mental health services partially because there is a lack of inclusive and accessible health insurance available. For example, Ohio has no explicit policy ensuring equal coverage for transgender people, and Medicare and Medicaid cover transition-related hormone therapy, but the specific procedures that are covered are still being determined.

Why is maintaining health and wellness often difficult for transgender and gender non-confirming people?
Transgender and gender non-confirming people often face compounding factors which can inhibit their health and well-being. Many transgender and gender non-conforming individuals face daily discrimination and harassment, which equates to significantly fewer employment opportunities for this community. These higher rates of unemployment and poverty often result in significant barriers to accessing health insurance and health care.

Can harassment and discrimination affect health?
Yes. Studies show that the harassment and discrimination has an impact on individual wellbeing. For example, one study states that, “gender non-conforming individuals are at greater risk for poor health as a consequence of facing more transphobic discrimination….as gender non-conformity serves as a form of stigma visibility.”

What are the healthcare options for transgender and gender non-conforming Ohioans?
Fortunately, there are healthcare options for members of the transgender and gender non-conforming community throughout Ohio. Check out our list of healthcare resources for the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in Ohio.

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