The following statement may be attributed to Freda Levenson, ACLU of Ohio Legal Director:

“In a fully partisan 5-2 vote, the Ohio Redistricting Commission moved to formally introduce a map unveiled today by the Commission’s Republican majority members. Unfortunately, this proposed map does not uphold the letter or the spirit of reform that 70% of Ohioans voted for in 2015. We agree with Secretary LaRose that the map needs ‘substantial work’– and substantial is an understatement. In defiance of the state constitution, the map fails to take the Voting Rights Act into account and fails to adhere to the partisan proportionality requirement. Instead, the map goes to great lengths to protect Republican incumbents at the expense of the fairness and proportionality that Ohioans demanded in 2015. The Commission must immediately go back to the drawing board to uphold its constitutional duties. We the people are entitled to – and deserve – much better.”