COLUMBUS – Today the Ohio Conference of Branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) endorsed a ballot initiative to modernize Ohio’s elections. Ohioans for Secure and Fair Elections filed paperwork with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office on January 22 and will host a public launch in the coming weeks. The ballot initiative, if passed, would streamline voter registration and expand voting rights for eligible citizens in Ohio.

The following statement can be attributed to Thomas Roberts, President of the Ohio Conference of Branches of the NAACP:

“The NAACP has a long and storied history of working to decrease barriers to the ballot box and to expand opportunities for voters, particular voters of color and historically disenfranchised communities.  In 2014 our organization fought alongside the ACLU of Ohio to secure early voting hours ahead of the midterm elections - we see this campaign as a necessary next step to modernize our elections.”

Ohioans for Secure and Fair Elections continues to build a non-partisan, broadly representative buckeye coalition with Ohio veterans, faith-based groups, members of the disability rights community, advocacy and legal organizations.